Welcome to Tacke!

Precision injection technology.

Diesel-Elektik F.Tacke GmbH


Tacke is a Hamburg family business going back three generations, with a good 60 years of experience in the field of injection technology.

Maximum precision calls for more than just experience, though. Qualified, highly skilled personnel are needed, people who go about their work with dedication and absolute attention to detail. And here we can rely on the best: in our team of almost 50 people you will find nothing but true experts, right from the offer preparation stage through advice to the end result.



You can place your trust in our expertise, because we’ve been doing what we do for a good few years now. And today more than ever, we do it with precision and passion:

  • Reconditioning and production of injection technology
  • For the two- and four-stroke large diesel engines of all engine makers
  • From fuel pumps to fuel valves
  • Custom and series production of machine components

PS: Naturally we also deliver spare parts, replacement parts and sealing rings on request.

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Exactly what we can do. In detail and at a glance:

  • Goods inward inspection:
    Dismantling > cleaning the injection components > damage and wear analysis

  • Repairs:
    Reconditioning of fuel valves and pumps. With precision needles, oversize pistons, etc., either produced by us or procured from reputable manufacturers, with the latter naturally being tested on site by us.

  • Measurement:
    Quality controls at every step in the production process. Always in compliance with the manufacturers’ prescribed parameters. Not just for repaired components but also new parts.

  • Pressure testing:
    We have this done on globally recognised test stands, in principle after every repair. And here too always in compliance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

  • New parts supply:
    We also supply new injection technology and components suitable for all engine manufacturers.

Videos from our workshop:
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  • Dummy Honen
  • Dummy Schleifen


The reason why you’ve come to the right people at Tacke? In a single word:
More flexible-more individual-more on time-more reliable-more competent-more precise Tacke service.

No more, but definitely no less. We achieve that through thoroughly tested top material quality, from purchase through to delivery. And every individual step in the overall process remains seamlessly transparent.

Not only for you but also for us. Transparent processes are important to us, but it is just as important that you are given a clear picture of all costs incurred. Precisely and fairly. Explained straightforwardly from one professional to another.


Rapid & Secure.

The clock is ticking. And it rarely does so more slowly than we would like. That is why we do everything in our power to help you get back on track as quickly as possible. We can do that thanks to:

  • Our own spare parts production operation
  • Large inventories of parts, pump pistons and nozzle needles
  • Streamlined, well-defined structures to ensure rapid processing
  • A worldwide supply operation

It’s good when you can rely on something:

ISO 9001 BW
  • Supply in compliance with international regulations
  • Rust-resistant packaging
  • Certified quality management for every single product

Well equipped.

Our workshop is open to all comers. Open to any of our customers who’d like to find out more about our work and our quality standards. And for anyone whose curiosity has been sparked we’re happy to reveal what you can expect at our production plant:

  • A production operation both rich in tradition and bursting with innovation
  • Extensively equipped with all the latest machinery
  • An impressive inventory to ensure rapid availability
  • Made in Germany quality coming to you straight from Hamburg

As well as plenty of hard work and passion, of course.

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